Our Mission

Our mission is to define the development plan and process for holding constituents accountable for creating a master design, development book, and assembling properties and developers to create the River District.

River District Implementation Team Objectives

  1. Create a walkable, urban community as an expansion of downtown Elkhart.

  2. Per a residential market analysis, develop 1000+ housing units in the River District and surrounding area.

  3. Include a supermarket and mixed-use solutions supporting residential living.

  4. Upgrade parks, the Riverwalk, and recreational amenities. 

  5. Assure that adequate parking will support all events and activities.

RDIT Process

The steps below will take place from the summer of 2018 through December 2019.  This will assemble, design and prepare the River District for redevelopment efforts with developers and investors for the designated areas.


Since April 2017, the following diverse team of professionals have been working on the development and implementation of the River District master plan. Service providers were engaged in August 2017 to begin the formal planning efforts.


Private Sector

David Weaver, Chair
Investor, Entrepreneur

Bob Deputy
Bill Deputy Foundation

Pete McCown
President, Community Foundation of Elkhart County

Brian Smith
CEO, Heritage Financial Group



Abby Wiles, City Lead
City of Elkhart, Assistant Director Community & Redevelopment

Bradley Tracy
City of Elkhart, Chief of Staff

David Henke
Common Council Member, Finance Committee Chair

Mike Machlan
City of Elkhart, City Engineer

Tory Irwin
City of Elkhart, Utility Engineer

Jeff Schaffer
City of Elkhart, Right-of-Way Engineer

Jamie Arce
City of Elkhart, Deputy Controller

Randy Norton
City of Elkhart, Superintendent Parks and Recreation

Crystal Welsh
City of Elkhart, Prior Director of Development Services

Professional Services

Shelley Moore, Project Lead
President, ISC Community Development

Scott Ford, Development Senior Advisor
Executive VP, Bradley & Co.

Eric Shields, Development Senior Advisor
President, Cardinal Strategies

Ken Jones, Engineering Advisor
President, Jones Petrie Rafinski

Chris Chockley, Engineering Advisor
Landscape Architect Planner, Jones Petrie Rafinski

Jeff Speck, Urban Planner
Speck & Associates

David Dixon, Urban Advisor
President, Stantec

Laurie Volk, Residential Market Analyst
Partner,  Zimmerman Volk